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Phuket and Chiang Mai Kofifi – Organized Tour (THA 15D)

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20/01/20 – 03/02/20

17/02/20 – 02/03/20


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Thailand, formerly known as Siam and also known as the Kingdom of Smiles, is the heart of East Asia. It offers a wonderful range of exotic islands, tropical beaches, magnificent temples, wild landscape, authentic tribes, fine dining, rich art, magical culture and rich history. In Bangkok, the capital city, you can find a combination of Western progress and ancient culture, luxurious buildings located next to slums, as well as traditional markets alongside huge shopping centers. In the north, you can see spectacular nature, green cities and forests that blend with rural scenery, and in the south, limestone cliffs with beautiful beaches and beautiful turquoise sea. Thailand provides its residents with a fascinating world filled with adventure, pleasure and a sense of freedom.

General information for “Phuket and Chiang Mai Kofifi” tour

The price of the toue includes:
Regular flight to Thailand via intermediate destination
3 internal flights according to the route
Hotels in the category of good tourism
Port taxes and security levies (subject to changes!)
Kosher half board accommodation + sandwiches for lunch
Full board on Shabbat
An Israeli guide from the Asian Travel team
Local guide speaking English
Tours and entrances to sites as detailed in the route
A comfortable and air-conditioned tourist bus
A group meeting before leaving the trip

The price of the tour does not include:
Medical Insurance / Cargo
Miscellaneous personal expenses
The increase in fuel prices from time to time as published by the airlines
A tip for the Israeli instructor as usual ($ 5 per person per day)
All that does not appear under the section – “the price includes”

Our Itinerary

DAY 1-2
Tel Aviv – Bangkok
We meet at Ben-Gurion Airport and fly through an intermediate destination to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. After landing we will take a tour of the city. We will visit the important temples of Bangkok – the temple of the giant Buddha lying in the temple and the golden Buddha. From there we will continue to visit the King’s Palace, home to the kings of Siam. We will continue to cruise the ancient canals along the Chao Phraya River, the central river in Thailand, where we can see the way of life of the locals and visit the Temple Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). After dinner we will once again go on a fascinating evening tour of the colorful flower market, on the well-known Kavanagh Street and visit the Erawan Temple, a popular temple in a city dedicated to the Indian god. Accommodation Bangkok.
Bangkok – Chiang Rai – The Golden Triangle

DAY 3 Bangkok – Chiang Rai – Golden Triangle
Fly north to Chiang Rai. After landing we will travel to the area of ​​the “Golden Triangle” (border area on Burma and Laos), where we visit the mountain tribes between the long-necked tribe, will be impressed by their lifestyle, customs and clothing typical. We will also visit the northernmost city of Mae Sai bordering Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. We will continue to take a cruise on the Mekong River, famous during the Vietnam War, during which we can watch Burma and even stop for a short visit to Don Sao Island, Laos. Return to Chiang Rai and after dinner we will tour the vibrant night market. Accommodation Chiang Rai.

DAY 4 Chiang Rai
After breakfast we will visit the magnificent Doi Tong Gardens, built for Princess Srinakarindra. We’ll board a boat for a cruise on the Cuckoo River and visit a white hill tribe. In the afternoon he took a spectacular panoramic view of the valleys to the mountainous area of ​​Doi Maslong, where we will learn about the fascinating history of the region. We will then visit a tea farm. Accommodation Chiang Rai.

DAY 5 Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai
Wat Rong Kuen, known as the White Temple, is a magnificent temple in bright white. At the end of the twentieth century, the original construction of the temple was shaky, so a local artist from Chiang Rai took the initiative and began the process of conservation and construction of the temple that will end in 2070. We will visit the temple and from there we will continue to Chiang Mai, , Which offers traditional handicrafts. We will arrive in Chiang Mai for Shabbat. Accommodation Chiang Mai.

DAY 6 Saturday in Chiang Mai
After a prayer and Shabbat meal we will take a tour of the hotel area. After Shabbat we will take another tour of the city. Accommodation in Chiang Mai.

DAY 7 Chiang Mai
After breakfast we will visit the Mae Taman reserve for elephant training. Where we could watch elephants, ride elephants, ride bamboo rafts, and ride horse-drawn carriages in exciting ethnic villages. At the end of the visit we will go to orchids and butterflies in their natural place. We will also visit a snake farm. Accommodation Chiang Mai.

DAY 8 Chiang Mai – Phuket Island
Fly south to the well-known island of Phuket, the largest island on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, with tropical beaches, white sands, palm trees surrounding the coast, turquoise sea, lively cities, Chinese temples and historic palaces. The island served as one of the main routes of trade between India and China. In the evening we will take a night tour in the center of Patong and the vibrant and bustling Neptune Square. Accommodation Phuket.

DAY 9 Phuket – Pang-na and the island of James Bond
Pang Nga, is a spectacular national park with four conservation areas, rivers, bays, caves and waterfalls. We will go to him and on our way we will visit the Cave of the Monkeys, passing on the temple of Sawanakua called the “Buddha Cave”. After arrival we will embark on a spectacular cruise on Phang Nga Bay, where we will be able to see the fascinating stone statues. We will continue towards Khao Ta Phu, called “James Bond Island” and go down for a short tour of the island. After lunch in a fishing village we will return and on our way we will stop at the cashew nuts factory, where we will see how the nuts are processed. After dinner we will take a night tour. Accommodation Phuket.

DAY 10 Phuket – Kopipi Islands
We will travel to the Kuppi Islands, a group of several islands, considered to be the most beautiful place in Southeast Asia. These are beautiful islands with tropical beaches, stunning rock formations, clear clear water with mesmerizing turquoise colors, colorful animals, secluded coves and beautiful cliff-climbing cliffs. Among the islands, the cruises are boats sailing from coast to coast. At the end of the cruise we will return to Phuket. Accommodation Phuket.

DAY 11 Phuket – Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand’s most populous city known for its vibrant street life, cultural landmarks, golden temples and illuminated neon signs. We will fly from Phuket to Bangkok and after arrival we will travel to the water world of Siam, one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. We can watch and learn about the rich ocean-like ecosystem with colorful corals, thousands of animals, octopus, sharks and giant spider crabs. Accommodation Bangkok.

DAY 12 Bangkok – Ayutthaya
The historical city of Ayutthaya, founded at the top of the Gulf of Siam, was founded in 1350 and became the second capital of the Siamese kingdom. The city was attacked and destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767 which burned the city and forced its inhabitants to abandon it. It has never been rebuilt and remains an important and interesting archaeological site characterized by relics and Buddhist monasteries. We will visit the ancient capital, see the ruins of the city and after the visit we will return to Bangkok to prepare for Shabbat. Accommodation Bangkok.

DAY 13 Saturday in Bangkok
After prayer and Shabbat meal, we will tour the area with the group’s escort. In the evening we will visit Bangkok’s largest shopping mall called MBK. Accommodation Bangkok.

DAY 14-15
Bangkok – Floating Market and Amphawa District – Tel Aviv
The floating market is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand. Every day locals and tourists come to the market to buy, eat and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the water markets that have existed for more than a hundred years. We will visit the floating market and the coconuts farm and then continue to Amphawa, where We will travel among the marshes, between the oyster farms and the river fish, and the beautiful mangrove forests. We can also watch monkeys growing in the reserve. Towards evening we will return to Bangkok, fly to the airport and fly back to Israel.