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Kosher restaurants in Koh Samui

Thailand Kosher invites you to enjoy a variety of restaurants in Koh Samui

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  • Falafel Mor Koh Samui

    In Falafel Mor you can find a wide variety of vegetarian Israeli dishes, such as falafel, Frikasse, chickpeas, chips, sabih, onion rings, shakes, borka, donuts on Chanukah, and a large variety of Jewish dishes as made spicel for you.

    **All products are kosher according to the Chabad House list, But there is no official document signed by the Chabad House

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  • Meat Restaurant Chabad Koh Samui

    The meat restaurant in Koh Samui is owned by the Chabad House and offers a variety of kosher and special meals on weekdays and holidays.

    Come and eat a tasty Israeli breakfast made from an egg / egg, fresh vegetables, dips, a bun and a drink that only Chabad can drink. It’s no secret that anyone looking for a kosher restaurant in Koh Samui knows that we have the best food on the island!

    Apart from breakfast you can find a wide range of meats you can order in a crispy baguette or as a meal on a plate with hummus, tehina and all your favorite salads from home. And of course we do not deprive our vegetarian / vegan friends with hot and fresh falafel, a variety of salads, fresh fish and more.

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  • Pizzeria Chabad Koh Samui

    Come and taste the high quality pizzas of the Chabad House in Koh Samui, toasts, burekas, mellavim, sambusakim, and other tasty and delicious pastries. Everything is fresh and baked instead of every day.

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  • The Hot Point – Koh Samui

     Unique jewish restaurant offering traditional home-made Hand prepared long cooking dishes as all the ingredients and spices are imported strictly from the Mediterranean region and all the dishes are made with warmth and great love.

    At the hot point restaurant  you can be enjoyed in the Jewish tradition , such as: Rosh Hashana and other Tishrei holidays, Pesach and other holidays which is celebrated as in the jewish tradition.

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