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We are Thailand Kosher, a subsidiary of Keshet Tourism and have been specializing for over 15 years in the sales and marketing of holidays and trips in Thailand, for the religious Jewish population in a traditional atmosphere.

We will be happy to give you both personal and professional advice regarding kosher holidays in Thailand and we can be reached all over the world.

   Responsibility for a kosher vacation

One of the biggest problems when taking kosher holidays in tourist destinations around the world, are the cicumstances that are different and unique for the traditional Jewish religious population. Therefore, we at Thailand Kosher can assure you that your vacation will be kosher until you return home.

Services We Provide

Organized Tours

Organized tours ranging from a stay of up to 10 days to 21 days throughout Thailand in a kosher and traditional Jewish atmosphere, Check it out now!

Kosher vaction packages that you can find kosher hotels for perfect accommodation in all the resort destinations of Thailand, kosher restaurants, attractions, various activities, and all that in Jewish atmosphere and tradition as we like, Check it now.

A wide range of hotels in Thailand, close to Chabad houses and kosher restaurants, Accommodation that provides a perfect hospitality experience in a Jewish atmosphere, Check it now!

Restaurants serving kosher Israeli food under the supervision of Jewish rabbis in all Thailand, Check it now!

Flights depart from any point in the world and in Israel in particular, landing in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, Also domestic flights all over the country with all airlines.

Take care of yourself with travel insurance of Thailand Kosher, All types of travel insurance policies.

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