General Terms
Keshet Tourism, operator of the “Thailand Kosher” website, acts as a travel agency that mediates between the passenger and the various service providers, such as: flight providers, hotels, transportation, special packages, etc. The services offered on this site are performed on the responsibility of the various service providers. Keshet Tourism Ltd. (hereinafter: “Keshet Tourism”) is not liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any malfunctions due to faulty performance of the services related to the service providers, except as required by the law, and is not responsible for factors that are not dependent on a supplier such as: , Weather, holidays, and so on. An invitation from the tourism services offered by Keshet Tourism constitutes acceptance by the customer of all the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Any Israeli citizen wishing to leave the country is solely responsible for obtaining the following documents:
Passport – Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date you leave Israel. Take your passport before leaving Israel and save the photos separately.
Visas and payment of exit tax – You are responsible for obtaining visas for countries you wish to visit except for a visa to Jordan during transportation. Make sure you need a visa with the Consulate of the country you wish to visit. It is recommended that all entry visas be issued in Israel, even if the date of the end of the visit is late and the permit may expire. It is easier to renew a visitor’s visa abroad, in many cases it will not be possible to obtain an entry visa abroad if the original request was not submitted in Israel. It is emphasized that the price does not include payment of exit tax at airports in various countries around the world.
Holders of transit certificates – are required to obtain entry permits to any destination. It is the responsibility of the passenger to arrange for entry visas to countries where he wishes to visit.
Health and baggage insurance policies, and travel cancellation insurance – it is highly recommended to stock up. We also recommend that this be arranged prior to departure.
Medicines and vaccines – you should check the need for medications and vaccines for the countries you visit. Consult your personal physician and contact the Ministry of Health or one of the specialized medical centers. Payments – Payment must be completed for the order no later than the ticketing / ticketing day (s). Prices denominated in foreign currency are calculated according to a high cash rate on the day of payment. Refunds will be given in shekels only and according to the rate of transfers and checks on the day of the refund, less registration fees, cancellation fees and additional credit up to 60 working days after the cancellation (according to the refund of the airlines or the various suppliers).
In the event of cancellation by the organizer, the passenger will be reimbursed the full amount paid by the passenger in shekels only.
Travel Warning – Check the travel destination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the recommendations of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau – Keshet Tourism operates in accordance with the Tourism Services Regulations (Duty of Fair Disclosure), 5763 (2003).

Charger and hand luggage
Air tickets to most destinations in the world allow the passenger a weight of 20 kg + hand luggage weighing only 7 kg, except for low cost companies that allow a total weight of 15 kg only.
The airlines may charge an additional fee in respect of excess weight, including hand luggage, at a rate determined by them and at their sole discretion.
The airlines do not undertake to accept the weight of an extra passenger on the same flight together with him. If the baggage exceeds the permitted amount, even if it paid for the excess weight, this does not constitute an obligation to receive the baggage on that flight. In these exceptional cases baggage will arrive on another flight, which is the responsibility of the airline.
In the event of loss and / or damage to your luggage at the destination station abroad, you must contact the moving agent’s office in the arrivals hall and ensure that you fill out a loss / damage form.
pay attention! Babies up to the age of two are not eligible to fly luggage and place to sit. It is not possible to commit to certain seats on the flight and / or the first lines on the plane. Booking a baby cot is only a request and depends on the approval and responsibility of the airlines.

Price policy
Keshet Tourism makes every effort to offer its customers products at especially attractive prices and conditions. The prices published on the website and the following price policy are valid for reservations made on the date the advertisement is still valid. Change or cancellation of an order shall be subject to payment, as specified in the price terms of the product and / or as detailed in this document. Nehora Tours reserves the exclusive right to change the prices of the services specified on the Site at any time in accordance with its commercial needs and at its sole discretion.
Prices for services can go up without notice. Prices are subject to reservation and prepayment: A price increase will apply to all orders that have already been made, unless they have been paid in advance and travel documents (plane tickets, hotel vouchers, car vouchers etc.) are already in the possession of the traveler.
The prices quoted in Forex are listed in each specific transaction, and will be charged according to a high transfer rate and checks on the actual payment date.
A fee will be added to credit card payments according to the number of payments.
Refunds for payment received in foreign currency will be made in shekels according to the transfer rate and checks on the day of payment.

Conditions of change and cancellation of flights
Cancellation / modification will be done by receiving a written cancellation notice in our office. The date of cancellation / change in the determinant will be the date of receipt of the letter / fax in our office. If the date of receipt of the notice is Saturday or holiday in Israel / abroad, the cancellation / change day will be considered on the first working day after which the cancellation / change fee will be applied in accordance with the relevant airline conditions.
Refund date – Refund will be given in NIS only up to 60 working days after receipt of cancellation request according to refund of airlines and other suppliers.
Change Fee – After payment of the reservation, the change in the flight date will be subject to change in accordance with the airline’s policy with the addition of handling fees.
Passage Periods – Changing a flight ticket which has been limited to a fixed period (three months / half a year / year / other) to exceed the definition of another period, will be subject to payment in accordance with the tariff to be determined by the airlines.
The change will be made on the basis of available space on the flight and the transportation.
For companies defined as low cost, the flight date can be changed up to 72 hours prior to the date of the flight. The change will be made in exchange for the difference between the price paid for the price of the flight