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Travel Guide To Pattaya

  • Thailand
  • Pattaya
  • 22 km²
  • GMT+7
  • Thai Baht
  • Thai

Pattaya, an amazing gem for the whole family?

We want a pearl close to the sea, which is only two hours away from Bangkok and is very suitable for traditional and family. Get Pattaya. The place has a variety of great attractions for everything you just wanted. In the city you can pray all the prayers in a synagogue, and you can easily fill your stomach with kosher food.

The city of Pattaya is located about two hours drive from Bangkok on stunning seashores. The city has been a huge flowering in recent years and has become a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The city has excellent city attractions for those who come with family, spouse or friends.

If you devote to Thailand for about a week or ten days, you will surely spend a few days in Bangkok. If you want to leave Bangkok for beaches, great attractions, without traveling far to the south or north, Pattaya is the perfect destination for you.

Famous shopping areas in Pattaya

The most shopping spots in Pattaya that you should not miss:
  • Royal Garden Plaza
  • Mike Shopping Mall
  • Outlet Mall Pattaya
  • Central Center
  • Pattaya Avenue
  • Central Festival

Relaxing and extreme in Pattaya

Pattaya combines so many attractions that you can go to the attraction of the Extreme and then relax in the relaxation and relaxation of the body and soul.

For the Extreme you have a number of points where you can jump at Angie from 50 or 60 meters. There is transportation from hotels and safety is the standards of Western countries. Another experience that plagues Pattaya is the Rocket Ball, which is located on the main street of the city, Hawking Street. The Rocket Ball is a ball to which you enter and are harnessed to a chair and then thrown into the air. It's fun and here is the high level of safety.

The city has a large number of options to enjoy motor activities. There is a huge karting park for the whole family named Pattaya Kart Speedway. The park offers a wide variety of routes for the owners and the inexperienced. The park is very suitable for children. Apart from carting, the site also offers ATV riding in its area. In general the city has a very wide range of possibilities for driving in the field with ATVs. There is also a possibility to rent a scooter and move with it. The city also offers about every type of extreme activity in the sea. Windsurfing, jet skis, scuba diving and more.

If you get tired of all the Extreme and you want to relax a bit. You have the tropical gardens Nongoch Patya. The gardens are a large and very impressive park covering an area of ​​600 dunams. There are very many types of plants and flowers of all colors and sizes. There is also a small zoo where you can watch birds and monkeys.

A few minutes away from Pattaya there are beautiful little islands painted in impressive yellow sand. The place is perfect for relaxation and relaxation. The islands are called Fa Line and Lan Line. On the islands there is a possibility to swim with snorkeling and diving with balloons to see the variety of corals on the island. The islands have dolphins that you can swim with. Kayaks are also available. There is also a very good complex called the water world of Patia. It offers a variety of activities including a dolphin show and swimming with dolphins. This is a very enjoyable experience that is also suitable for children and it is very worthwhile not to miss it.

If you want a shopping experience, there are malls, such as the Royal Garden Mall and many markets that offer everything you can think of, electrical appliances, clothes, souvenirs, tropical fruits and more. Markets are open throughout the day so you will never be bored.

Attraction for Kids In Pattaya

The first attraction I will discuss is the Omega Park. This park is within the jungle about half an hour drive from Patia. The very large park offers about 24 Omega stations that are suitable for all ages, from small children to seniors. After spending the first attraction, you'll be able to enjoy the second attraction a few hundred meters from the Omega Park, the open zoo.

You can buy a card that combines the amusement park with the zoo. The zoo is a 2,000-acre garden with more than 8,000 species of animals in the jungle around you, when it's their natural habitat. There is a very good option to rent a small golf car that will allow you to explore yourself. Further on, not far from the Omega Park and the open zoo, there is the Tiger Zoo. You can find tigers and tigers in their natural habitat. You can also hold tigers and watch crocodile shows, tigers, elephants and pigs.

Another great attraction in Patia is the Ripley amusement park, which is located in the US on the third floor of the Royal Garden Plaza, the place is closed and air-conditioned, so it's really good for a rainy day and there are seven fun, cool and fun attractions for the whole family. There is a museum that shows everything that is unique and unique, but real in the world, there is a cool maze of light tricks and dodging laser beams, there are other attractions that you will discover in the mall.

Another cool attraction is a place in the city called Mini Siam, which is similar to Mini Israel. The park shows Thailand in miniature and there is a complex dedicated to miniature models of European countries.

After Mini Siam park you can go to Pattaya's underwater aquarium. The aquarium is built in the form of a tunnel at a depth of 100 meters that creates an effect where you walk under the water of the ocean. There are 200 species of fish, turtle sharks, jellyfish and more. This is a really good experience for children, do not miss it.

Keep tradition so easily in Pattaya

As with any trip, it is necessary to sleep and eat, and it is very desirable that the two experiences go pleasantly while preserving the tradition. In the context of accommodation, there is the first Kosher hotel in Asia, yes kosher hotel. The hotel is called Centra Avenue Patia and is 10 to 15 minutes walk from Patia's main street, the Walling Street, the beach, the Royal Garden Mall and a variety of streets with a great selection of things to buy and tropical fruits, exotic and delicious.

The hotel is a 4-star hotel with a bed and breakfast option. There is a kosher restaurant, free wireless internet connection, a pool, a bar, laundry services and all the luxuries of self-respecting hotels. The place offers the possibility of praying quietly and eating kosher 24 hours a day, which is very suitable for a city that has something to do 24 hours a day.

In addition to the kosher hotel there is a synagogue where you can pray all the prayers, when there is a high chance that you will have a minyan there. There is a kosher restaurant called Aden Restaurant. The restaurant offers its services for Shabbat and holiday meals. Please note that the Shabbat meal is free of charge, but it is possible to donate to the synagogue for the hospitality, of course, before the Sabbath or the Sabbath. The synagogue does not belong to Chabad but is in constant contact with Chabad activists from Bangkok who help him with what he needs.

In order to reach the synagogue, you have to reach Second Street and enter Soi Street 15 and then walk along the street about 300 meters. On the right side there is a gray building that looks like an apartment hotel and there is a small yellow sign that says the name of the restaurant. The restaurant is located on the ground floor.

Now that you know that Patya gives you everything you need on a perfect holiday for everyone, while maintaining the tradition, hurry up and book a vacation in the city.

Kosher Restaurants in Pattaya

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Centara Avenue Hotel
Pattaya Thailand

Centra Avenue Hotel 4 stars Included a wide range of facilities, including a synagogue on the second floor, a rooftop swimming pool and a gym Guests will find this service-oriented hotel with superb facilities and amenities provides excellent value Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel