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Kingdom of Siam – Organized Tour (XBHP)

Search must be made from 14th Jan (the day of the first tour of 2020)


14/01/20 – 28/01/20

10/02/20 – 24/02/20

03/03/20 – 17/03/20

11/03/20 – 25/03/20

07/07/20 – 21/07/20


General information for Kingdom of Siam tour

  • Regular flights, and 3 domestic flights.
    Hotels: First class and tourist class, double rooms with bathrooms.
  • Economy – Breakfast – 12 meals. Which include permitted ingredients and are served with disposable utensils, Main meals – 4 meals Shabbat and 5 meals in Chabad + 2 cooked meals including Ingredients are allowed at the hotel based on fish. And another meal on the last day at a hotel in Pattaya.
  • Tips for the various service providers. Includes hotel sufferings.
  • Transportation – A convenient and air-conditioned tourist bus for the implementation of the travel plans and transfers.
  • W Israeli escorts: observant and experienced in guiding trips in the target country.
  • Group meeting before departure.


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A tour in a Jewish atmosphere that includes visits to the above destinations: Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle and the indigenous tribes, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pang Na and James Bond Island, Pattaya.

Bangkok 3 Tours of Arab, Chang Rai – Ethnic Center of the Northern Tribes, Donsau – Visit the Island of Laos, Chiang Mai – Elephant Performance and Elephant Ride, Chiang Mai – Bamboo rafting and horse-drawn carriage tours, Phuket – Pang Na and the island of James Bond, Pataya – Nong Nush Park and Elephant Show.


Our Itinerary

Tuesday Tel Aviv – Bangkok
A meeting at Ben-Gurion International Airport and an Arkia flight to Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand.

DAY 2 Wednesday Bangkok
Landing in Bangkok. After getting organized at the airport, we will travel to the city for a panoramic tour, among other things we will see Democracy Square, the House of Parliament, transfer to the hotel. Dinner at Chabad House.
In the evening, we will visit Aruan temple and Fat Pong night market.

DAY 3 Thursday
Floating market and bridge over the River Kwai
From Bangkok we will head for the largest floating market in Thailand, embarking on a cruise with “long tail” boats directly to the market stalls, from which we will be impressed, among other things, while walking among the “islands” which consist of the most famous market in the country. After exploring this market we will continue to Kanchanaburi – one of the most beautiful in the country where the bridge is located on the River Kwai. A special visit to Gesher, the War and Prison Museum and the famous cemetery where the victims of captivity are buried, documented in the fascinating film. We will take a cruise on the River Kwai. At the end of the tour we will return to Bangkok for a dinner at Chabad House.
In the evening – a special tour of the nightlife and entertainment centers in Kawasan.

DAY 4 Friday
Bangkok, palaces and temples
This morning we will take a guided tour of the city during which we will visit its important temples: Wat Phu – Temple of the Giant Buddha lying in the Wat-Trimit – Temple of the Golden Buddha, we will continue on a special tour of the Grand Palace, the palace of the kings of Siam. , Guest houses and more. We will also visit the Wat Phra Kao Temple, the temple of the Emerald Buddha from the most sacred places in the Buddhist world. We will see Democracy Square, the Golden Mountain, the residence of King Chitralda, the Parliament. We will sail to Klong (Chao Phraya river canals). We will see the Temple of Dawn, the Royal Fish Temple, and we will also take part in their feeding. We will return to the hotel in time for Shabbat preparations, prayer and the Friday night meal.

DAY 5 Saturday
After Shabbat and Shabbat meals in Chabad we will take a walking tour with the group’s escort in the area of ​​the hotel.

DAY 6 Sunday
Chiang Rai, the Doi Tong Mountain Tribes
Transfer to the airport and flight to Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, upon arrival we will visit the ethnic center of the unique Northern Tribes. We will see the mountain tribes of Yahoo and Akha located in the hills in the region, learn to know the customs and dress typical of these special ethnic groups. We “mica” the houses and we can buy handicrafts. We will continue to see a faction of the mountain tribe “Karan” which became known worldwide as “the long-necked tribe.” We will see this special phenomenon and learn about the reasons why the girls of the tribe wear rings around their necks. We will go on a special visit to Doi Tung, Queen Mother Gardens, where we will pick up pickups and have dinner at the hotel.
In the evening we will take a walking tour of the city center and the night market.

DAY 7 Monday
Golden Triangle, Mae-Sai, Laos, Sailing on the Mekong
In the morning we will tour the area known as the “Golden Triangle” and located at the border junction with Burma, Laos and the Hundred-Sai River. The area served as a center for growing opium and trade conducted by the tribes in the region. We will visit the border city of Mae Sai and take a cruise on the Mekong River which became very famous during the Vietnam War, during which we will watch Myanmar and make a short visit to Laos on the Mekong River. Back to the dock and from there we’ll drive back to Chiang Rai. Dinner cooked at the hotel.

DAY 8 Tuesday
Chiang Mai Arts villages
We will leave Chiang Rai on the way to the north capital Chiang Mai, on the way we will stop at the White Temple. We will visit the famous art villages such as the wood carving industry, the manufacture of colorful umbrellas and more. We will continue on the ascending road at Mount Al-Doi Sutp, which is 1400 meters high, one of the four important temples in this country. At the top of the mountain on the city of Chiang Mai after getting organized at the hotel. Dinner at Chabad House.
In the evening we will go out to the colorful night market in the north.

DAY 9 Wednesday
Chiang Mai, Elephant riding
In the morning we will visit the Matang Reserve and ride elephants in a special route combining land and river crossing and we will witness an impressive performance of the elephants. We will also visit the orchid farm. At the end of this wonderful day we will return to Chiang Mai. Dinner in Chabad.
In the evening, we will explore Chiang Mai’s big night market.

DAY 10 Thursday
Tsang Mai, Phuket
Transfer to the airport and fly to Phuket, upon arrival a tour of Vans on Phuket island. At the end of transfer to hotel. After dinner in Chabad, we will take a tour of the city center at the Bang La pedestrian mall.

DAY 11 Friday
A free day on the island, wishing to be able to join a day trip and a lovely cruise on the island of Kopi. Kopi Van and Kopifi and with snorkels enjoy the underwater world, time to wash and return to Phuket. Preparations for the Queen. Lighting the Arab candles and a Shabbat meal at the Chabad House.

DAY 12 Saturday
After prayer and Shabbat meal we will take a walking tour with the group’s escort in the area of ​​the hotel.

DAY 13 Sunday
Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Bangkok
We’ll go to Pangna. Later we stop for a visit to the rubber farm and learn the production process. We will continue from the harbor in a boat between the many Karst mountains in the area and the Mongrove reserve until we reach the “nail island”, Koh Tao Ta, known as the James Bond Island. Where the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. Return to the pier and drive to the airport for a flight to Bangkok and from there to the flight back to Tel Aviv.

DAY 14 Monday
Bangkok Nong Nesh Phatya.
After breakfast, we will leave for Pattaya, on our way to visit the amazing Nong Nush tropical park including an elephant show and a typical Thai folklore show featuring Thai boxing, singing and dancing. At the end we will continue to visit the Riviera – Pattaya. We will go out for an afternoon meal and have a visit to the promenade and the pedestrian mall. We will then travel to the Bangkok airport for a flight back to Tel Aviv.

DAY 15
Tuesday Tel Aviv
Landing morning time at Ben Gurion Airport