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Exotic Thailand – Organized Tour (No. 920)

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00/00/00 – 00/00/00
Price per person in the room starts from $ 3445
An additional room unit costs from $ 495
(Trip number 920/3)


00/00/00 – 00/00/00
Price per person in the room starts from $ 3445
An additional room unit costs from $ 495
(Trip number 920/4)
Departures In July, a discount of $ 240 will be given to a couple from the price list at the time of purchase
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Thailand’s enchanting beauty mesmerizes millions of tourists a year. The colorful country offers endless experiences, tastes and sights, exotic islands, tropical fruits that are special in their taste, and it seems that there will always be a feeling that we have not exhausted it enough.
We invite you to a comprehensive and fascinating journey in religious life and kosher food, which includes kosher food and abundance, full daily activity, no half day no minute without days free, no tours of choice, no additional expenses for entertainment.

On our 14 day trip we receive the largest number of days, we do not count the days of flights,
Here the days of the trip are filled with experiences and attractions and everything is included in the price. Check and understand!
All sites, all entrances and entertainment are included !!!
In short, experience maximum attractions with a minimum of money.

* On this trip many attractions that require suitable physical fitness, please take into account when registering.

The tour will include the above sites and attractions

The Golden Triangle
Elephant riding
Floating Market
James Bond Island Cruise
3 Kay Island Cruises
Cruise to Krabi Island
Phuket beach tour
An amazing view of Phuket
A fantasy show in Phuket
Snakes, tigers, monkeys and elephants
Nooch Gardens
Fun and exciting jeep tour in northern Thailand

 Monday / Tuesday Tel Aviv> Phuket Beach Tour
Monday afternoon we will fly from Ben-Gurion Airport through an intermediate destination to Phuket, the largest and most visited island in Thailand on the Andaman Sea. We will land in Phuket on Wednesday after landing and collect the bags. We will tour the main sites in Phuket Nassir following the tsunami that hit the site in 2004, and will ascend to one of the observation points in the area on the island of Phuket. We will arrive at our hotel, and after dinner we will accompany the guide to Phuket Nightlife Center, Patong Beach, Bangla Road.

DAY 2 Phuket – The Island of the Nail – James Bond Island
This morning we will take a tour with swimsuits, sunscreen and sun hat. We will go out to Phuket Town Bay and sail among the Krusty Mountains and the Mangrove Reservation. First we will see Panak Island, Hong Island and part of the road in double canoes, And allow free swimming at sea. After the cruise we will arrive at the island of nail Koh Tao Fu, known as the island of James Bond, where the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” was also taken at the end of the tour, we will return to the hotel for dinner and a change of forces.

DAY 3 Phuket – Krabi
After breakfast we will go to the island of Krabi on the most beautiful beaches of Thailand, but it offers far beyond spectacular beaches. Here we will visit magical nature reserves and amazing stalactite caves. We will see rare fish by snorkels and sail to the nearby islands that are visible from a postcard, Beach, Fuda Island. At the end of this special day we will return to our hotel in Phuket for overnight and dinner.

DAY 4 Phuket – Kay Island Cruise
This morning we will take a speed boat ride to the Kai Island Island, spectacular lagoons under huge cliffs and magical bays with clear clear water, enjoy the white sands and clear water. The equipment will be given to snorkels to watch the magnificent fish living in this area. We will devote the remaining time until the beginning of Shabbat to prepare for Shabbat. We will return to the hotel for Shabbat, Tefillah and Kiddush, and the Friday night meal.

DAY 5 Phuket – Fantasy Show
After the meal, we can enjoy street performances, traditional carnivals, and live performances. The show is very impressive and fun with animals and amazing effects, where the viewers are exposed to a great experience. – sensations that deal with Thai culture, magic and acrobatics, light and sound effects, laser performances, elephants and performance of hundreds of dancers. At the end of the show we will return to the Phuket hotel.

DAY 6 Phuket – Tsang Mai> Doi Suthep> Surprise
Today we will separate from Phuket and fly to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the largest and most important city in northern Thailand, is considered a favorite destination of many backpackers coming to the country. It is located on the banks of the Ping River and surrounded by green hills and clear rivers. This thriving city is blessed with rich history, friendly residents and cool, dry weather – the perfect alternative to the warm weather in the south. Chiang Mai has its own unique world, and it is a separate province both physically and in character. The uniqueness of Chiang Mai is reflected in the unique architectural styles, dance, music, food and festivals. After landing we will go to Mount Doi Suthep, located near the city of Chiang Mai, take the cable car to the top of the mountain and look at the city after receiving the rooms and dinner awaits a surprise group … and at the end we return to our hotel located on the main night market of Chiang Mai.

DAY 7 Chiang Mai – orchid farm, snake and monkey show Elephant riding, rafting in the river and field trip
After breakfast we will take a special jeep tour, load the equipment, and drive from Chiang Mai towards a hundred-meter farm for rare orchids and butterflies, where we will continue to watch a spectacular snake show with the audience. Then we will continue to the Ma-teng area to experience elephants where we will ride elephants crossing the Meitang River and the surrounding hills. The return to the elephant farm is done in horse-drawn carts. A traditional Thai vehicle that was used before the cars arrived in Thailand and are still used in isolated villages in the north … After a short break and lunch, we take a bamboo raft down the river and then board the Changdao Mountain, Get to know the life of the mountain tribes. The rest of the trip to the Fang area is done through mountains and amazing views. The night is spent in a hotel in Chiang Fang, dinner, rest and relaxation, for the next day.

DAY 8 Mountain Tribes Mother’s Garden Gardens, Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai
After breakfast we will visit the tribes of the mountains. The Aka tribe, the Karen tribe, Palong, and other tribes, and of course a long-earshed tribe, and the long neck. After visiting the mountain tribes, they continue to visit the gardens of the mother of the king. These are special gardens that were built in memory of the mother of the previous king of Thailand, the most beautiful gardens in the kingdom, and from there to the “golden triangle” located at the border between Thailand and Laos and Burma. We will take a boat ride from the Macanog River that flows in the heart of the Golden Triangle to a local market in Laos where you can buy beautiful things and souvenirs at funny prices. Returning to Thailand and Chiang Rai. After dinner – those interested can go to the night market of Chiang Rai, and spend time in the various entertainment centers located close to the hotel.

DAY 9 Chiang Rai, White Temple, Space Trip, and Hot Springs
After a meal and organizing, we will go to the White Temple, a beautiful white temple with a particularly impressive structure, a jeep ride through the Chiang Rai Mountains and Chiang Mai, a hike to the high mountains through authentic local villages that will give us an intimate introduction to the Thai way of life. After lunch, continue to visit and take a dip in the warm and natural springs of San Kamapang where we will have dinner. At the end of the visit, we will return to the Chiang Mai hotel near the night market.

DAY 10 Day Tour Special production plants + Bangkok Museum Madame Tussauds, the world’s largest aquarium sea in Asia
This morning we will take a tour of special umbrellas and leather production plants displaying the culture of the residents of the north and the kingdom of Lena. We will be impressed by the production process of each product from the beginning until the finished product is produced by a traditional hand at the end. Dinner and separate from Chiang Mai for flying to Bangkok Upon landing we will go to the Madame wax museum We will meet with Madonna Liddie Gaga, Justin Bieber, the Obama family, Beethoven and many international celebrities, and from there we will continue to the underwater world in the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. An amazing world where you will discover all underwater life. From small fish to sea creatures that you have never seen and even large sharks … and the fact that the vast aquarium is far from any water or sea source, in the heart of the mall area in Bangkok makes it a real wonder. Further transfer to the hotel, accommodation and replacement of forces.

DAY 11 Bangkok King’s Palace, the lying Buddha, Chao Phraya River Cruise
After breakfast we will take a tour of the King’s Palace and see the Emerald Buddha Temple on the outside. From there we will continue to visit the temple compound of the lying Buddha and sail in long-tail boats around the Tsauperaya River. We will devote the remaining time until the beginning of Shabbat to prepare for Shabbat. We will return to the hotel for Shabbat, Tefillah and Kiddush, and the Friday night meal.

DAY 12 Bangkok Flower Market
After Shabbat we will take a tour of the area with the group’s escort. On Saturday night we will take a tour of Bangkok’s famous flower market, where we will see the colorful colors and the pleasant smells of the flowers, the art of arranging the flowers from the moment of harvest to the desired stranger.

DAY 13 Bangkok – Pattaya – Tiger Farm, Nong Noche Gardens
This morning we will wake up early and travel to Pattaya – one of the largest and most famous resort towns in the world. On the way we will visit the tiger and crocodile farm, we will see a special tiger show in a variety of breathtaking stunts !!! From there we will continue to the Nong-Nuts gardens designed in Chinese style. We will tour the charming gardens, which include trees in the form of elephants and various animals, and we will witness a spectacular folklore performance, including a Thai boxing performance which is known as the national sport, and presents the Thai way of life and traditional ceremonies. Later we will see a spectacular elephant show, featuring many elephants, demonstrating their ability in many areas of sports, dance and painting. At the end of the visit we will return to Bangkok for dinner and a change of forces.

DAY 14 Bangkok Floating Market – Amphawa – MBK
This morning we will visit the Coconut farm, see the process of creating amazing things such as tools, cutlery, etc., all made of coconut, from there we will continue to visit the largest floating market in Thailand, located in Damnoen Saduak, the last part of the road was done in the market canals, And we will be impressed by the lives of the residents living on the sides of the canals. From there we will continue toward the Mae Hong Kong valley and embark on long-tail boats for a fascinating cruise to the secrets of river fish and marsh mussels. We will start sailing into the swamps and oyster farms. We will see the unique methods of raising oysters in this area as well as the difficult and arduous work of local residents. We will continue on our way to the forests of mangrove trees growing in the swamps and watch the dozens of monkeys growing in the reserve and feed them enjoying the experience. From there we will continue sailing to one of the bamboo towers scattered in the reserve on one of them for a fascinating observation of the oyster growing areas. We’ll go back on the boats while our side is the fishing villages from which we went sailing. We will end the tour at MBK’s largest shopping mall in Thailand for an unforgettable shopping experience. At the end of the visit we will return to dinner and overnight.

DAY 15
 Tuesday in Bangkok> Tel Aviv

In accordance with the flight time, we will depart for Thailand’s main international airport this morning, and when we pray, we will travel to Tel Aviv, where we will land in the evening. Finished – praise to the Creator.


Note :
It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of returning to Israel. Changes in the route may be due to changes in flight dates. We will make an effort to reach all of the listed sites. The organizers of the trip as travel agents have no control over various aviation services such as special food orders, airplane seats, change of flight times or flight delay. The responsibility is only for the airline. Insurance: Cargo and health insurance must be carried out in accordance with flight times from the date of departure until the day of landing in Israel. Please ensure travel cancellation insurance, which covers all days of the trip.

It is obligatory to make baggage and medical insurance and cancel a trip for those traveling abroad, from the date of booking the trip.

Included in the price of the tour

International flights in regular and domestic airlines according to the route (there may be cases where flights will be carried out through intermediate destinations).
Hotels: First class and / or good tourist class in two rooms with en suite facilities.
Transportation: Convenient and air conditioned tourist buses for the route.
Economy: Half board and lunch: self-preparation of sandwiches.
Accompanied by a group: experienced and observant, who will be at your disposal throughout the trip.
Porterage: In the hotel only (one suitcase per passenger).
Tips: For service providers abroad.

The trip is not suitable for passengers suffering from heart problems / any disability / pregnancy / stroke / under the age of 10 or over the age of 65 years