Eating Kosher in Thailand
People who keep kosher know that while planning a trip the food issue is always taken in to account and planed ahead of time! At times, our trip destination is established based on the colonary food options  available. When we don’t want to be limited in choosing our destination, we take with us food to prepare on our own. Nevertheless there is a limitation on how much food we can bring with us in our suitcases and sometimes you stiil need to add to your food inventory, so what do you do in this kind of situation?


Beit Chabad – The kosher house for travelers
In Thailand there are 4 Chabad Houses in which all are run by very nice people who are always happy to help. They have a terrific restaurant and they offer catering service for those who are interested to go on a trip and take food with them. There are 2 chabad houses in North Thailand and 2 in South Thailand, all located in central areas.


Basic cooking kit – The kit that makes it delicious
Chabad house is a great option but limited. Therefore, it is a good idea to equip yourself with a basic cooking kit which you can use in any kitchen. If you are traveling in far places or renting out a place, your cooking kit will guarantee your meals will be kosher.
What should the cooking kit includes: forks, knives, spoons, peeler, cutting knife, small cutting board, pot and pan. You can bring plates and cups according to the number of people traveling with you. Another option is bringing disposables but they can be used up quickly and harder to find in the stores. If you like to travel in the nature a lot, we recommend you bring a portable burner.


So what are we eating?

There are quite a lot of kosher food products that you can purchase in stores and markets in Thailand. Here is a list of kosher food products made by Nadav Segel and approved by Rabbi Oren Duvdevani:


Variety of food products
Paste / Noodles (no additives)
Pure Honey (no additives)
In starbuck branches – coffee with soy milk. No extra side dishes
Heinz ketchup (imported from usa)
fruits and vegetables
dry fruit (not plums)
fish – according to the kosher signs of fins and scales and according to a list of fish that can be found on the internet. Preparation: wrapped in aluminum paper or prepared directly on a live fire.
flour – grains, rice, lentils, sweet peas. (All require sifting)
olive oil – must have extra virgin written on it or an OU.


Coke , Diet Coke

Toblerone chocolate. All except for Toblerone tobelle
Haagen Daz ice cream ( without extra toppings, or cones). Can be purchased at 7/11
Luakar made in europe. 7/11
Kinder products made in Europe. 7/11
Mars ,Snickers, Twix made in Europe
Lays Chips – Natural flavor
ferrero rocher chocolate made in Europe. 7/11
Cadbury dairy milk. Except flavors that have in them emulsifiers E476 , E442


milk and milk substitutes
meiji milk. 7/11
lactasoy soy milk
UHT milk imported from Europe or USA


Twist – sliced bread in a bag
For biuite – bread


Morning Grains
Kelloggs cornflakes cereal
Kelloggs coco loops cereal


original tabasco made in USA. Has a K.
Heinz ketchup made in USA. Has an OU.
Kikkoman soy sause


imported beers: Corona, Heinikin etc.
Whiskey – all kinds
Smirnoff vodka
Sheri Dance (dairy)


On your next trip to Thailand, enjoy kosher food just like home!
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