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Travel Guide To Chiang Mai

  • Thailand
  • Chiang Mai
  • 40.216 km²
  • GMT+7
  • Thai Baht
  • Thai

Chiang Mai Northern Thai experience for friends, couples and traditionalist families

Chiang Mai offers a very wide variety of activities for couples, for young people and for families. Not only does the city offer a lot of activities, it offers you full support for everything you need to preserve religion, including the possibility of receiving kosher food for a few days out of town, do not you believe it? Read and see.

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, after Bangkok, and is the largest city in northern Thailand. The city itself has 150,000 residents and almost a million in the metropolitan area. The city is one of the major tourist centers of Thailand and is a destination you can say is a must, surely if you are traveling to the north of Thailand.

Most of the city's interest is in the many attractions, vibrant markets, nature around and its rich nightlife. Traditionally, there is nothing to do there, so let's meet Chiang Mai.

Famous shopping areas in Chiang Mai

The most shopping spots in Chiang Mai that you should not miss
  • Night Market
  • Kad Lounge
  • Saturday Market
  • Pantip Plaza Mall
  • Kasunko Canyon
  • Robbinsen Central Plaza

There is not a big city in Thailand without a lot of shopping

Chiang Mai offers a fine shopping experience as a respectable Thai city knows how to give. The city has a very large variety of markets and malls where you can buy everything you think about. Now I'll show you some of them.

The Night Market. This market is the most famous night market in Thailand and offers a huge variety of cheap and fake things, such as watches, to hand made things that are of high quality and of course more expensive. The place is great to buy cheap clothes that will serve you during the trip and every day.

The place is located 150 meters to the right of the Chabad house, and if you are far away from it, every taxi driver or tuktok in the city knows where it is "Knight Buzzer." The market has the option of bargaining, but you will be too brutal.

Market Today, this market is a very beautiful market with plenty of good smells used mainly by the local population. The market opens at four in the morning and closes at five in the afternoon. Ask the Tokutok to bring you to the "Cad Luang", which is the name of the market.

The tuktok will bring you to a red gate that is located in an alley about 200 meters to the Ping River and at the end you will see the market on the right and left. There is everything in the market, but he specializes in cheap, high quality clothes and exotic spices from around the world.

Weekend market, when us interesting Sunday market, because it is Shabbat rest and not shopping. Sun Market is the most famous market in Chiang Mai. The market has two parts, when the part of the Old City is open from 7 am to 12 pm. There is also an inner part that opens at five and makes the place that is really big for my monster. You will find there everything you think in a very wide range of prices.

Note that at six in the evening the Thai anthem is played and everyone stands, respect the locals and stand up, there is no reason to seek trouble, and you would be happy if they were standing in honor of our national anthem in Israel.

The city has a huge variety of very equal shopping malls. Among the shopping malls you can find the Pantip Plaza Mall and the Xonkao Mall.

The city also has the Airport Plaza Mall - Robbinsen - Central Plaza, the mall is the largest in northern Thailand and you should not miss the shopping experience. All the malls offer a wide range of clothes for all the devices and accessories you think of, original and fake.

Attraction Kids In Chiang Mai

There are so many attractions in and around Chiang Mai. Here I will choose, quite arbitrarily, the top five.

The first attraction is an ATV trip - The trip takes two and a half to three hours to travel in the city, the forest and the village. During the trip you will reach spectacular observation points with impressive views. The trip has two types of routes.

The first is easy, for all ages. The second is challenging and it is already for people who know how to ride a good ride on the ATV.

A Red Brick jeep tour to Northern Thailand is an experience you should not miss. The trip is a trip of three days and two nights with a driver who is also a guide.

The tour stops in a wide variety of attractions such as riding on the ground, meeting with an ancient and traditional tribe of "long neck", riding elephants, sailing in the river, visiting hot springs and finally visiting Pai, a pastoral town that seemed to have been removed from a postcard. How will you eat all three days? If I tell you now stop reading this article, so answer below.

A trip to Chiang Mai. In the heart of the jungle, about a 30-minute drive from Chiang Mai, is a huge Umag city. The place is called "Flight of the Gibbon," FLIGHT OF THE GIBBON.

It is operated by a New Zealand company that does not save anything in safety, and there are 18 Omega stations at different heights, but the attraction is for the whole family but there is a limit for children under one meter and people weighing more than 125 kg.

Notice the important thing in omega. The success of the world-famous Omega Park has made it a lot of local imitations. Take care of your souls and beware of imitations. Make sure you are well.

The Ghost House "Chateau" in Chiang Mai. The complex is a very original experience that comes with you walking in dark labyrinths with very invested scenery and sound designed to frighten you. The best professionals, even professionals from Hollywood, have worked hard to frighten you, and the result is a special and extravagant experience.

The place is open from five in the afternoon until midnight and is a highly recommended nighttime experience. Note that the experience is for the whole family but not recommended for small children. A very special and ethical experience in Chiang Mai and the Chiang Mai Elephant Refuge called Lama's Elephant Refuge. As many know, there is a problem in Thailand of bad treatment for animals in general and elephants in particular.

The place is a haven for abused elephants and there they are restored. Instead you can wash the elephants, caress them, feed them and be impressed by the happiness of an animal that is free. In this case the attraction is not only pleasure but the money you give to the place will go to the animal welfare, which is a great mitzvah in Judaism.

And the answer is what you will eat on trips of several hours or days out of town...

The solution for all food and traditional needs is the Chabad House in Chiang Mai, run by Rabbi Yosef Pickel. There is a kosher meat restaurant serving Israeli and Thai food. In the best tradition of the Chabad House, the food is tasty, the service is good and the prices are reasonable, kosher food can be prepared with utensils for a few days.

The Chabad House has a synagogue where you can pray the three prayers in coordinated hours, put on tefillin 24 hours a day, listen to Torah lessons and receive an attentive ear and advice from the rabbi. The homey meals and tastings that bring the Jewish heart to sit in the most beautiful and holy way.

Women have a mikveh (ritual bath) that needs to be arranged in advance, the possibility of lighting Shabbat candles and sharing a common challah that gives many virtues.

So you learned that Chiang Mai is the best place in northern Thailand and has everything you need for an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday that also has spirituality and ethics.

Chabad house in Chiang Mai

189/15 Chang-Klan Rd. Muang, 50100 

Hotels near Chabad Chiang Mai

Lanna Palace
Royal Princess
Duangtawan Hotel
The Imperial Mae Ping
Chiang Mai Plaza
Yaang Come Village
Chedi Home
Amata lanna Village

Kosher Restaurants in Chiang Mai

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Amata lanna Village
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Amata Lanna Village is located in Chiang Mai 3.5 miles from the Elephant Car and El Grand Canyon shopping mall The hotel features a number of services, including a garden, a bar and a shared lounge There is a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service In addition to free wireless internet,

avg/night$90.00 SELECT

Chedi Home
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Chedi Home is an 8-minute walk from Tha Pae Gate About 1.3 kilometers from the Royal Monument A 17-minute walk from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi There is a private bathroom for everyone, an outdoor swimming pool

avg/night$67.00 SELECT

Chiangmai Plaza Hotel
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Located in the heart of the city, Chiangmai Plaza Hotel features a swimming pool, gym, relaxing spa and free parking

avg/night$43.00 SELECT

Duangtawan Hotel
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai is located in the center (Chiang Mai), a 10-minute walk from the Night Bazaar (Bazaar Night). Hotel hotel hotel, swimming pool and rooms. Morality can be arranged to the airport for guests' convenience.

avg/night$52.00 SELECT

Dusit Princess
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

The hotel offers comfortable rooms, including comfortable and relaxing service Each room has a suite with modern Thai décor and includes an amazing view Includes Wi-Fi throughout the hotel , and outdoor pool

avg/night$105.00 SELECT

Empress Hotel
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Suitable for families with interconnecting rooms, 10 minutes walk from the night market and 5 minutes walk from Beit Chabad. Near the hotel you can find laundry services, very good service and attitude, spacious rooms, very good value

avg/night$90.00 SELECT

Lanna Palace 2004
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Lana Palace 2004 is 500 meters from a night bazaar, a hotel with rooms Free Wi-Fi Internet Access Included, Pool Supply, 24 Hour Reception, and transportation services

avg/night$45.00 SELECT

Shangri-La Hotel
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Shangri-la Hotel has 5 rooms featuring luxurious banqueting rooms with internet In the richly rich Chiang mai, a 10-minute drive from Chiang Airport Free pool rule and spa

avg/night$170.00 SELECT

The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Imperial Mae Ping Hotel is located in central Chiang Mai, a 5-minute walk from the Night Bazaar. The hotel offers a luxurious spa A swimming pool and modern rooms with TVs. In addition to free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

avg/night$45.00 SELECT

Yaang Come Village
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Yaang Come Village is a 4-star hotel And offers rooms with modern Thai décor In addition to a private balcony It features a spa, an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi

avg/night$155.00 SELECT

‪Buarawong Residence‬
Chiang Mai Thailand

0 reviews

Hotel Buarawong Residence - Chiang Mai Thailand The hotel is located 3 km from the airport   It offers comfortable, air-conditioned rooms Includes Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

avg/night$20.00 SELECT